A Simpler Address

Arrive exactly where you need to be with Cotswold Chauffeur Services and what3words To help you enter your exact destination easily, we accept what3words addresses Street addresses aren’t always reliable – they often don’t lead you to the right place. Search for one and a pin will typically drop in the centre of a building,

A Carbon Neutral company

A positive way to start the week! Cotswold Chauffeur Services is now officially a carbon neutral company. By reducing our carbon footprint and offsetting we are committed to the long term sustainability of the business.  A big thank you to Eoin and the Go Climate Positive team for all their help with this. It's a huge

Covid-19 safe travel

We are continuing to offer services to our customers and following Government guidelines so that every journey ensures yours and the drivers safety. If you have an essential journey and require a driver, Cotswold Chauffeur Services is running as usual. We have Mercedes S-Class cars and Mercedes V-class people carriers. Please request your preferred vehicle

An environmental audit

I am delighted to announce that Cotswold Chauffeur Services has partnered with Sustainable Business Design and enrolled on their Go Climate Positive program. Stage one began today with a detailed analysis of the business with SBD founder Eoin who will audit the company to calculate the carbon it produces. The results will provide an amount

Navigation, navigation, navigation

When was the last time your driver looked in a map book or A-Z to help him find your address? A long time ago. These days taxi, chauffeur, commuter, holiday drivers all rely on their navigation devices. Some people use their cars inbuilt satnav, others prefer a Garmin or TomTom. I can tell you from

  • Mercedes S-Class

Mercedes S-Class

I am very pleased to announce that Cotswold Chauffeur Services now offers journeys in a Mercedes S-Class as well as our E-Class. For that extra luxury, the S-Class has a long wheel base for additional legroom.  Reclining rear heated seats, privacy blinds, passenger air-con and that smooth air suspension means you'll float to your destination.

  • Institute of Advanced Motorists

Institute of Advanced Motorists.

We spend a lot of time behind the wheel of the cars, so its vital we know what we're doing on the road and especially with our customers travelling with us. At the start of the year I became a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM). I was assigned a mentor, and we

Road markings

Vimeo has always has some gems well worth watching. Dedication to the job is what we strive for as professional Chauffeurs. Be the best at what you do.

  • Cotswold Chauffeur Services logo

New year. New look.

In November last year Paul decided to hang up his leather gloves and Steve (Varah) and myself (James Thomas) are now behind the wheel at Cotswold Chauffeur Services. We are continuing his great work, chauffeuring you wherever you need to be, in the same professional, comfortable manner you are accustomed to. To get us on the road in style we

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